T.J. Shorts II

  • Poste : point guard
  • Taille : 1m75
  • Date de naissance : 15/10/1997
0T.J. Shorts II

Regular season stats for T.J. Shorts II

16.7 points /match
3.2 bounces /match
6.9 passes /match
T.J. Shorts II

A MVP for Paris Basketball!
T.J. Shorts for the 2022-2023 season: Basketball Champions League winner, MVP of the Final Four, MVP of the season, German championship finalist and MVP of the Basketball Bundesliga. The American-Macedonian point guard is coming off a phenomenal season! In Paris, he will be reunited with some of his Bonn team-mates such as Leon Kratzer, Collin Malcolm and Sebastian Herrera, but above all with his coach Tuomas Iisalo.
The 25-year-old point guard, as good a scorer as he is altruistic, will reinforce an already flamboyant back-court.

Regular season stats for T.J. Shorts II

2017-2018NCAAUC Davis Aggies333234,5%123143637490542
2018-2019NCAAUC Davis Aggies293427,9%137126466440462
2019-2020Latvian Estonian BLBK Ventspils202325%6599274235319
2020-2021BBLHamburg Towers342726,8%94177602485510
2021-2022BBLHAKRO Merlins Crailsheim223340,4%76151447463497
2022-2023BBLTelekom Baskets Bonn342838,0%109254400622718
2023-2024Betclic EliteParis342627%111226433555637

T.J. Shorts II playoff stats

2020-2021BBL PlayoffsHamburg Towers33037,5%1020304537
2022-2023BBL PlayoffsTelekom Baskets Bonn102816,7%3263140174162
2023-2024Betclic Elite - Play-OffsParis52622,2%1620408263

T.J. Shorts II's statistics in european competitions

2019-2020FIBA Europe CupBK Ventspils122625%3376242175241
2021-2022FIBA Europe CupHAKRO Merlins Crailsheim143024,3%5284232247257
2022-2023BCLTelekom Baskets Bonn173137,3%62116242331323

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