Adidas Arena


Built as part of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the adidas arena promotes the values of inclusivity, creation and hybridization. This venue will be a vector for the transformation of an entire neighborhood and will carry the colors of the urban art of living high.


With 8,000 seats in basketball configuration, the big hall will be the new home of Paris Basketball from February 2024.


Beyond the Arena and directly connected to it, the complex will feature a genuine living space of over 3,000m2 hosting catering activities, sports and event entertainment, pop-up stores,… open to all, all year round!


This dynamic living space, committed to a genuine program of environmental excellence, will be the new beating heart of Greater Paris, and a catalyst for talent that will vibrate to the rhythm of Paris Basketball matches.


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This arena will enable the club to offer a show, services and experience that match its ambitions and the best European standards. Built for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the arena will feature 8,000 seats, including courtside seating and experience boxes.


The new sports arena for Paris Basketball, which will be the sole resident club, will feature a number of green areas on the forecourt and terrace covering more than 3,000 m², including reception and relaxation areas for thousands of spectators and local residents alike.
“Ask the equipment manufacturers, the NBA, Euroleague and Fiba. They’ll all tell you that Paris is the epicenter of European basketball. This Adidas Arena will be the epicenter of the epicenter.
Paris Basketball will play 35 matches here every year. And one day, perhaps, a women’s team.
The adidas arena will be the number 1 destination for all basketball lovers” where all French teams will dream of playing.”
David Kahn, President of Paris Basketball

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Would you like to join the adventure and make Paris Basketball history at the adidas Arena? Let’s build together our entry into the next sports Mecca of Greater Paris.