Après match


Paris Basketball wins after overtime in Game 4 (103-98), allowing us to force a Game 5 which will take place on Sunday at 7pm at adidas arena!


Still alive! There are movie scenarios that are clearly not as good as what we experienced tonight. What incredible suspense, which kept us on the edge of our seats until the end of the night. Let’s just skip the first three quarters, when ASVEL cracked down hard inside with Mbaye Ndiaye hurting us badly. Paris also succeeded, with Tyson Ward finding his target and Nadir Hifi taking some big shots at the right time.


The last quarter was incredible. Paris took the lead very quickly, thanks to a player whose performance today can only be described in superlatives. And not just today. That’s another reason why TJ Shorts is MVP. He was in all the right places, passing (13 assists) and scoring, 34 POINTS! The last two minutes of regulation time were very long and above all, we were caught out on the last play, a rebound taken by Lauvergne after a missed shot by Paris Lee when we had a fairly comfortable lead.


Shorts on a mission


That’s when TJ Shorts, surely frustrated at missing a shot in the money, takes charge. And when he’s like that, he’s simply INJOUBLE. “In the zone!”


ASVEL tried everything to stop him, but it was just impossible at the end of the game. 11 points in overtime, total control, a come-from-behind victory and a chance to qualify for the final at home against Monaco.


See you on Sunday at the adidas arena at 7pm for THE GAME, WIN OR GO HOME!


Tickets are already available: https://tinyurl.com/yszd5888



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