Après match


Back on the court on Saturday, Gauthier Denis was one of the main architects of the 97-78 victory over Gravelines-Dunkerque. With 9 points on the counter (75% from three-point range), “Gucci” distinguished himself in the eyes of his former coach, Jean-Christophe Prat.


It’s always a pleasure to meet JC (Prat) again, as well as Valentin (Chery, who played three seasons in Paris). My performance? On the pitch, it’s clear that there’s no longer any friendship… But it’s partly thanks to him that I’m where I am. Today, he can be proud to see the Club’s evolution, as he was part of the foundations of Paris Basketball… November is always a complicated month to manage. There are slack periods with the succession of games. You can feel it in the contacts. But the challenge is to get our energy back, because the season is still far from over” ,insisted Gauthier Denis at the press conference.

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