Paris Basketball now for women

Paris Basketball, through its President David Kahn, is proud to officially announce the creation of its first women’s team.


The finalization of this project is the fruit of work, launched in October 2022, with the entire commission on the creation of a Paris Basketball women’s team.


Thanks to a conviction shared by all stakeholders, the Club will now be able to conjugate itself in the feminine. Paris Basketball’s ambition has always been to build closer ties with existing associations, while giving them greater resources, impetus and ambition.


Formerly known as Paris Basket Avenir, and managed in part by several clubs through a Coopération Territoriale de Clubs (CTC) led by the Club du Ministère des Finances (CSMF), it will become part of the Paris Basketball professional structure from the 2024/2025 season.


This approach is fully in line with the Club’s core values, which are to use sport to position itself as a social vector for development and performance.


This is the logical continuation of the Club’s project and the commitments we made in 2018 to grow basketball in Paris,” says David Kahn, President of the Parisian club. “Paris Basketball is above all a plural project.


The history of our women’s team will begin on November 5 at the Halle Carpentier with an NF2 championship match against Saint-Amand, which will symbolically be the curtain raiser for the Betclic ELITE Paris Basketball – ADA Blois match.


This historic day will allow us all to celebrate another edition of the “Women’s Game” theme match.


The following day, the celebration of women’s basketball continues with a brand new event in Paris. The NCAA clash between Notre Dame University and South Carolina University. A match that will be played to a full house, proof of the growing interest in women’s basketball in our city.


The entire Club would like to extend special thanks to Nathalie Nenon Zimmermann (President of the Commission), Alejandro Requena (Paris Basketball), Briana Ait-Slimane (Adidas), Christophe Denis (Paris Basketball), Isabelle Fijalkowski (former player), Audrey Sauret (former player), Paoline Ekambi (former player), Diandra Tchatchouang (former player), Sophie Guillon-Morel (APC), Brimbelle Grandcolas (Disney) and Bastien Bonneton (Paris Basketball) who all worked hard to make this project a reality.


Alejandro Requena, Vice President Strategy, Paris Basketball:

“The city of Paris finally has a project to aim for the top level in men’s and women’s basketball. This is a historic moment for basketball in the Paris region and for the development of our club, which has been going from strength to strength for the past six years. I would like to thank the entire committee for their support and guidance, which has enabled us to move forward in the right direction with a project designed to foster the development of talent in our city, and more specifically in the 13th arrondissement.”


Reza JOOMUN – President of the CSMF Basketball Section

“The CSMF is particularly proud of this partnership with Paris Basketball. Over and above the sporting stakes, it’s a unique opportunity to highlight women’s basketball in Paris and throughout the Ile-de-France region. This new step is the culmination of several years of cooperation between the capital’s flagship club and the amateur structures of CSMF, Domremy Basket 13 and Menilmontant Paris Sports. We hope that behind our women’s team in the Nationale 2, several hundred young girls, from basketball schools to pre-nationals, will benefit from the influence of Paris Basketball.

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